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SongADE is an easy-to-understand, data-based method for learning how to write songs and understand music. In addition, we help you find the right gear to help your songs sound their best.

Brian Gorman

—— Founder,

Hello, and thanks for visiting my site. My name is Brian, and here’s why you can trust my recommendations on songwriting and guidance with your music education:

  • I have a B.A. in Music Theory & Composition
  • I’ve been in countless bands and that toured the country
  • I taught private lessons for 15 years
  • I was a classroom music teacher for 6 years
  • I’ve recorded albums at home and in studios
  • I’ve managed the careers of local musicians

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Don’t take my word for it. Hear from some of my bandmates and musical collaborators. Entirely unbiased and unsolicited. Promise.


Brian is a thoughtful, highly sought-after teacher that inspires students with his talent and enthusiasm.

Gerry Diamond, Owner of Family Piano Academy

Brian is boundlessly creative and skilled. He’s an instrumentalist, a songwriter, and a producer. Whatever is needed, he can do it.

Riley Miller, Musician & Software Engineer

Brian is able to sit in on any session and sight read, improvise, and perform at the highest level.

James Wahl, Music Director at SFA