The pursuit of exceptional tuning stability and precision is a constant quest for guitarists seeking to elevate their playing experience. The Schaller M6 135 Tuners stand as a testament to German engineering, promising a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. In this comprehensive review, I delve into the installation process, tuning stability, control offered by the gear ratio, weight considerations, and the tuner’s overall appearance to determine if they live up to their reputation.

At a Glance

Schaller M6 135 Tuners
Best Tuning Stability

Schaller M6 135 Tuners

  • Intended Instrument: Guitar
  • Configuration: 3+3
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Locking: Yes
  • Gear Ratio: 18:1

Brian's Take: These tuners are German-engineered and built like little tanks, as one would expect. They are very well-liked and do their primary job (of tuning) perfectly, but do add a little extra weight to your headstock. They're also a bit more expensive. With that said, You get what you pay for in this case - the Schaller M6 135s are extremely well-made and a great purchase if you're looking for tuners that will last.

  • Easy installation
  • Exceptional stability
  • Precise control
  • A bit heavy
  • Potential adjustments needed
  • Some may not prefer the look

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Installing the Schaller M6 135 Tuners proved to be a straightforward process, even for someone like me with, let’s say “limited technical expertise.” The tuners come with six mounting screws and fit well into a variety of guitar headstocks. While some users have reported minor adjustments being required due to variations in hole alignment, the installation process overall was seamless for me, taking mere minutes.


The standout feature of the Schaller M6 135 Tuners is undoubtedly their ability to maintain precise tuning stability. Users across the spectrum of guitar genres and styles attest to the remarkable ability of these tuners to hold their pitch even during rigorous playing and extreme whammy bar usage. That mirrors exactly what I found. In my tests, I found these to be very stable and trustworthy in terms of holding tune, even after some pretty wide bends.

The locking mechanism contributes to this stability, making string changes smoother and more reliable, leaving you confident in your guitar’s intonation.


The Schaller M6 135 Tuners boast a gear ratio of 1:18, allowing for refined control during the tuning process. This higher gear ratio enables more delicate adjustments, ideal for intricate playing styles and critical recording sessions. The result of my test was that I felt a finer degree of control over string tension, contributing to improved tonal accuracy and overall performance.


While the Schaller M6 135 Tuners may carry a slightly higher weight than their non-locking counterparts, this added heft is a testament to their robust construction and durability. The weight is well-distributed, contributing minimally to any potential changes in balance on your guitar.

I noticed a slight difference in weight on my left side (I’m a right-handed guitarist, with the headstock on the left), but it wasn’t something that would cause a problem. It’s very slight, and I can still play comfortably sitting down or standing up.


The Schaller M6 135 Tuners exhibit a sleek and sophisticated design with impeccable chromed finishing. This attention to detail enhances the visual appeal of your guitar, making them not only functional components but also stylish additions to your instrument. The tuners’ design is geared towards both form and function, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into a variety of guitar styles.

Are the Schaller M6 135 Tuners Right for You?

Deciding whether the Schaller M6 135 Tuners are the right fit for your guitar depends on your playing style, preferences, and instrument needs. These German-engineered tuners offer a combination of stability, control, and durability, but they come with specific characteristics that may suit certain players and guitars better than others. Let’s explore who these tuners are well-suited for and what kind of guitars they complement:

  1. Performers Requiring Precise Tuning Stability: If you demand unwavering tuning stability for live performances, studio recordings, or intensive playing sessions, the Schaller M6 135 Tuners could be a suitable choice. Their locking mechanism and reputation for pitch retention make them a reliable option.
  2. Guitarists Seeking Enhanced Control: Musicians who value delicate tuning adjustments and require heightened control over string tension will appreciate the 18:1 gear ratio of these tuners. This precision is particularly advantageous for intricate playing styles and recording scenarios.
  3. Players Who Prioritize Durability: The slightly increased weight of the Schaller M6 135 Tuners indicates their robust construction and durability. If you prioritize longevity and instrument longevity, these tuners may be an attractive option.

What Kind of Guitars Do They Go Well With?

  1. Solid Body Electric Guitars: These tuners are well-suited for solid body electric guitars, especially those that require dependable tuning stability during intense playing or aggressive use of tremolo systems.
  2. Professional and Performance-Oriented Guitars: If you own a high-end guitar geared towards professional playing or live performances, the Schaller M6 135 Tuners can contribute to maintaining pitch accuracy and stability during demanding situations.

What Kind of Guitars Would These Tuners Fit the Appearance Of?

  1. Sleek and Modern Guitars: The sophisticated design and chromed finishing of the Schaller M6 135 Tuners complement modern guitar aesthetics, enhancing the visual appeal of your instrument.
  2. Guitars with Robust Construction: Instruments with solid build quality benefit from the added durability and weight of these tuners, ensuring they integrate well with the overall balance and structural integrity of the guitar.

Final Thoughts

In the realm of guitar accessories, the Schaller M6 135 Tuners emerge as a compelling choice for those seeking enhanced tuning stability, precise control, and lasting quality. Their installation simplicity, coupled with their ability to maintain pitch even under demanding conditions, attests to their craftsmanship. While slightly heavier than non-locking tuners, their benefits in tuning accuracy and stability more than compensate. Ultimately, the Schaller M6 135 Tuners encapsulate the German commitment to precision engineering, standing as a testament to their quality and value for guitarists across the spectrum.

If you’re still undecided, or interested in looking at other options, check out my post on the best Les Paul tuning machines.