When it comes to choosing an acoustic guitar that strikes a balance between quality and affordability, the Yamaha F335 has gained a reputation as a popular option. This review delves into several key aspects from my own experience as well as highlighted in customer reviews, offering insight into why this guitar has garnered positive feedback.

At a Glance

Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar

  • Color: Natural
  • Top Material: Spruce
  • Body Material: Spruce
  • Fretboard Material: Rosewood
  • Pickup Config: Combination
  • Bridge System: Tremolo

Brian's Take: For the price, it’s hard to beat this guitar. It’s great as a backup or travel guitar, and while I don’t recommend acoustics for beginners, the consensus is that it is a great choice for newbies. Availability can be spotty on Amazon, so you might consider the Yamaha APX600 instead!

  • Great value
  • Comfortable to play
  • Looks great
  • Some issues with components
  • Tough on beginner hands
  • Sounds a bit thin

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One of the standout features repeatedly mentioned by users is the F335’s impressive tuning stability. Many players have reported that this guitar holds its tuning exceptionally well, even after extended periods of use, travel, and changing tunings. This stability makes it a reliable choice for beginners who are still getting the hang of tuning their instruments accurately. They will want to focus on playing, not tuning, so I was glad to find this guitar holding tune quite well.


The F335 is often praised for its user-friendly setup and playability. After shipping, I noted that the guitar arrived well-adjusted, requiring minimal adjustments out of the box. For those new to playing the guitar, this is a valuable feature as it allows them to focus on learning rather than dealing with complex adjustments.

Now, I do want to be clear that for beginners, especially children, I don’t recommend acoustic guitars. Electric guitars are much easier on the hands, and much more versatile in terms of sounds, and effects are a lot of fun. With that said, I must yield to the overwhelming consensus that does say this guitar is a great choice for beginners. Just my two cents after a lot of years teaching lessons, so take it for what it’s worth!


Considering its budget-friendly price point, the sound quality of the Yamaha F335 definitely impressed me. The tone was as rich and warm, and many online reviewers talk about this as well. While it may not match the tonal depth of higher-end acoustic guitars, the F335’s sound quality is more than satisfactory for beginners and casual players, and especially at this price point. Yamaha stuff is always quality!


While it was nothing special to my eyes, reviewers have consistently highlighted the Yamaha F335’s attractive finish and solid build. The guitar’s glossy finish adds to its aesthetic appeal, and the natural finish, in particular, has been well-received. Some users have pointed out minor cosmetic issues, such as marks on the pick guard or air bubbles developing over time. However, these concerns seem to be less common and have not significantly affected overall satisfaction.


Perhaps one of the most resounding aspects of the Yamaha F335 is its excellent value for money. Many customers have expressed that for its affordable price, the guitar exceeds their expectations in terms of playability, sound, and overall quality. This makes it a fantastic choice for beginners and players who are conscious of their budget.

I remember getting my first guitar for around the price of the F335, $189.99. But that was in 1994! It’s actually really great to see a guitar at this price point score so high in my testing and with reviewers online. I think it’s safe to say Yamaha did parents and hobbyists around the world a favor with this one.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar stands out as a compelling option for beginners and budget-conscious players seeking a well-rounded instrument. Its tuning stability, playability, sound quality, and overall build have garnered positive feedback from a range of users. While minor cosmetic concerns have been mentioned by some, they appear to be outweighed by the guitar’s overall performance and value for money. If you’re in search of an entry-level acoustic guitar that provides a solid foundation for learning and playing, the Yamaha F335 is certainly worth considering.